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Forget everything you know about Windows Task Manager! It's great and all for your average consumer who needs to quit out of a frozen application, but if you're a developer, you need some serious muscle power -- you need eXtended Task Manager! eXtended Task Manager is a performance monitoring tool designed with the needs of developers in mind. With eXtended Task Manager, you can quickly identify issues that crop up when you run your application, without needing to quit out of it or reinstall it! Think of the time savings! Using eXtended Task Manager is like taking a microscope to your computer! You'll enjoy easy access to a mountain of information about specific tasks, memory and resource allocation, diagnostic information for various processes, life cycles, and more. At your fingertips is a wealth of data regarding information per module, per handle, per lock, per thread, per file, per registry key, per window, per COM+ component, per service, per TCP/UDP connection and per environment variable. Try getting that kind of detail with Windows Task Manager! More than just monitoring, eXtended Task Manager lets you influence processes and free up resources to ensure a pristine troubleshooting session! You can also manage your workstation right from within eXtended Task Manager -- stop and pause services, log off, or restart!

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